Thursday, January 27, 2011

Return and Report.

So I've been on this "transformation" program for about a year now and I thought I should share, as I feel the results have been, what so many people are looking for.
It's not a quick fix, there's no pills or shots involved you don't actually buy anything (unless you choose to buy the book) it's all online and free. I even get text messages with inspirational thoughts and reminders to do something for myself.
It's basically, follow the assignments weekly and remove the things in your life that are hindering your progress. That may be physically, mentally, spiritually. In the end, it all works together and if you are lacking in one area, it shows up in others.

My before picture may not look bad to some of you but the sadness in my eyes and the pain in my heart is my true picture. I was absolutely devastated to even take this picture let alone publish it so you can see where my head and self worth were.

Still not thrilled to bear all in a public picture but for the sake of someone searching for some light, I hope you can see it in my eyes and in my smile.
I lost 15lb on the scale and went down to 17.4% bodyfat(bodpod tested. I went from being winded at a 10th of a mile jog to running 10k and walk/running a half marathon for charity.
I found an accountability partner across the country who has become a best friend.

I achieved one of my lifetime goals, something I wouldn't have admitted before but just wasn't in good enough shape to do it.

I am Happy and I would love to help anyone who needs it.
Go to and check out the videos, success stories etc. I have met most of the champions and they are everyday people like you and I. There is no talk of supplements, pills, buy this or that, just honest to goodness self reflection and goal setting with cheerleaders.
This is also in keeping with everything I believe religiously. That my physical body is a sacred gift, a Temple to house my spirit and I am here to overcome my weaknesses and to keep that vessel strong and capable. That I am here to have joy and experience. That my life should be filled with gratitude and free from past failings...... go check it out.