Thursday, August 20, 2009

To tell or NOT to tell.....

That is the question?
So I wonder how many people read this blog anyway but I have seriously considered this next post.
The Mummy Makeover! You know what I'm talking about. The extreme kind where you try to get your body back to it's pre- mummy state.
It's something I have considered for years. My very first baby left me with stretch marks from naval to hoo ha, a 3 inch roll of skin over my belt and boobs I could've tied in a bow (sorry to shatter any illusions of me)and so here I am 18 years and 3 babies later. My options are:
A) Refill said skin and boob sacks with all kinds of nummy fat food (trust me I've tried this option, one big mac in each bra.
B) Visit an experienced, well trained and sometimes a bit excentric doctor to take care of it.
Which would you choose?
So after diet, excersice and much thought,I'm ready to tell the tale if anyone's interested.


  1. I'm interested to see what you chose. I lost 150 pounds, and as you've so nicely described, there are some cosmetic issues involved with that. (I've also had 7 children and that's another tale)

    I decided against plastic surgery, both from a financial standpoint, and a fear standpoint. I'll be interested to read what you decide.


  2. I love a good story! Do tell!

  3. you had me at hello.... so.... what did you decide??