Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dance like no one is watching.

Today was my first day back at the gym. I know with my new rock hard abs you would wonder why I would choose that as my first priority after getting my kids back in school (hallelujah 13 weeks of summer...too long) but I'm afraid 5 weeks of sitting on butt, bored and consoling self with godiva's dark chocolate with orange pieces in, takes it's toll on say, batwings, cheeks, legs and butt tocks (said with Forest Gump accent, cool movie, watched it last night)
So I went for my favorite class, DANCE JAM and seriously, this is the coolest class ever. In a room with 30+ ladies, surrounded by mirrors yet we shake it and roll it and dance like we are the finalist of so you think you can dance, cos we ALL do. THINK we can, HA HA. More than half the class is over 35 and we jam to everything, anything.
I love it.
I can wear a head band and spandex if I choose. Luckily I don't choose.

There's no rules no judgment and everyone leaves happy and uplifted and yes we have done the flash dance fast knee with train arms thing :)see I know technical names.

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