Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 weeks of chaos.

January at the Gym is a joke!!
I mean 3 days earlier, it's busy enough. The usual faces, staying on top of things, trying to have a healthy holiday. Occasionally you have to change up your time because of parties and late nights messing with your early start and that's fun to see new people, try new classes but every year, without fail, January brings about the multitude of New Years Resolutioner's. The day care is packed (thankfully I don't need that anymore)You need to be in your class 20 minutes ahead if you want equipment or a bike and believe it or not, the teacher is almost forced to go a bit easier as the class is dying half way through. I loved how my teacher commented on it :) She yells out in her usual smiley way
"what's wrong with you people? Your NOT tired! I"M FINE!! I guess you should've come in December!"
So it is, and rest assured by mid February all will return to normal.

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