Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feeling Good

I've been working for a couple of months on a TOTAL transformation. This is new for me and something you may be interested in.
First of all, it's not a diet, quick fix or something you buy.
It's for all of us who have tried, succeeded, failed or gone back to old habits and end up once again, the same place we started or worse off. It's for those who believe they are likely to fail again.
This is about transforming on the inside. Allowing our spirits and emotions and physical body to work together.
If your interested go to
There is no fee, or spam. Just sign up and start challenge #1, it will give you some info and a task. It may be hard but you can give yourself a week to complete it then when YOU are ready you click on #2. There are 18.
I started slow but today I can tell you, I feel great. I am letting go of old beliefs about myself and changing some very low level habits. I am happy inside and it's been a while. Here's a pic to prove it.
Me, smiling despite flaws I would've been embarrased to show a few weeks ago.


  1. Although my comments don't count because I am married to you and they get logged away in the "He's sweet but clueless" section of your brain, I will say that you are beautiful on the inside and out. I am lucky to be married to you and couldn't be happier that you feel so good inside.

  2. Flaws? I see NO flaws. Way to go. I think I better check out that site.

  3. Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out.

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