Wednesday, January 14, 2009

half way to H.

I'm planning on breaking my goals into 3 parts.H.O.T.
Part 1 (H) would be my 5lb required by weight watchers and as of yesterday I am half way there. Not too shabby!!!
Part 2 (O)is another 5lb which would take me to where I am not disgusted with myself, making me a HO! That will be a challenge but at least I'll be back to wearing smoking hot clothes and everyone wishing they were me :)
Part 3 (T) will be my final 5 bonus lbs, if I get here I'll be dang HOT. tst don't touch.
I would like to maintain in between Ho and Hot status so watch this space.

The picture of my hunny is just eye candy, he's already HOT!!


  1. I'm good with just being a Ho. Is that wrong?

  2. I love your 3 part plan... A very good plan, indeed!!

  3. That plan is awesome! What a way to break it down. Heeeyyyyy Hooooo, hheeeeyyyyy hhoooo!