Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just like a 3 year old!!

I got all excited over a gold star!!!
It's my first 5lb loss :)

It seems a small thing and it's a bit embarrassing standing up in front of a bunch of people who may have 100lb to loose but seriously, you can be a food addict and have eating disorders and not be huge.
I am learning this program as a way of life and this little star signifies I am doing it.
So far I learned:
1, I used to eat even more crap than I acknowledged.
2, I eat from boredom and stress, not hunger.
3, Fruit is my friend and I love it :)I'm talking, melon, kiwi, mango, good fruit.
4, You can loose lbs even when your sick as long as you stay in your points.
5, Exercise hard and eat the extra points, you earned them.
6, Progresso soup is your buddy, 0 or 1 point per serving.
7, Not having guilt for eating something you like is how you don't eat more of it.
8, This is easily something I could live on forever.
9, Having friends, support and accountability is the shoulder we all need.
10, Feeling good makes us better looking!!!!

So it's official, I'm at "H" which where I'm from is refered to as "aitch" so feel free to call me "aitch"


  1. Thanks for much for you comment. I have actually been lurking on your blog since Diet Coke & Zingers introduced you. Congrats on your 5 pound weight loss and your star.
    I totally agree with you on exercise. I'm done many programs, but for some reason the only ones that have worked for me are Body for Life and Making the Cut. Both programs require that you work out HARD! I LOVE working out, but I'm also scared that if I stop working out as hard as I have been am I going to gain weight back? How do I go into maintenance mode? Oh here I go with guestions again...
    Anyway, I look forward to keeping up with you. Keep up the great work!

  2. I loved body for life, I did it and succeeded but I couldn't keep up the eating and the w/o got boring. Just remember to eat what you burn, if you work out less you have to eat less and visa versa.

  3. Yeah, pretty much you are a rock star... But I always knew that!

  4. Hey Nat, found you, don't know how but did. I'm on the W.W. track again. Congrats on your 5lbs!! Thanks for your tips, it's given me a reminder of what I need to keep on doing. I'm working on HOTT, Does that work, I just got my H also. Good luck.