Sunday, March 1, 2009

My week in England.

As per my last entry, I knew my week in England would be challenging, after all I am surrounding by things that I might be able to resist if they were available but since most of them are not, I had to have!!! So I decided I would eat whatever I felt like and try to keep track of points to see just how many I could consume but most meals I took a round 30 and quit counting by noon :)
It was a very eventful week filled with family and a funeral but I'll leave those reports for my family blog.
So now for pics.

First and most importantly, I found out I could get to "in n out" burger between flights by taking a carpark bus :) what an adventure. Those are the best fries ever!!
68 degrees, cool breeze and a cheese burger, animal style, man I feel the need to repent:)

This was my air meal, I wonder how anyone traveling can keep track of points, I mean I had no idea, what was in any of these little packages but I figure, having to sit in the same tiny seat for 12 hours straight is probably motivation enough to not overeat and need to count.

This is sugar heaven or what the devils house might look like. Each jar is filled with about 10lb of one candy. you buy it by the 1/4lb usually and the shop keeper pours the sweets into a little paper bag. I of course went in American style and got a whole jar of one of my faves (for my whole family)this may have been the reason my bag was overweight but I was happy to pay.

Finally my favorite meal from a store cafe. It may not look tempting to most but to a Brit it is the symbol of all things English. Proper sausages, chips, cauliflower (cos we believe in eating veg) all in a Yorkshire pudding drenched in gravy....

did I mention the amazing chocolate, bags of crisps, chinese food, kebabs...
now to weigh in :-(


  1. I love those old fashioned sweetie shops. But did you find it wrong that they now have to weigh the sweets in 100g instead of a quarter? Just doesn't seem the same!

    Oh, and the sausages and the chocolate. I will definitely miss those things when I move to the States.

  2. Ok, JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS!! I miss good ol' England. Love the food. Don't worry about the points, it was a get away. You probably only gained only one pound.