Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who Knew?

Jeans weigh 2lbs!!!
Unlike my usual "weigh in" pants that are only .8lbs!
Gotta tell ya, it truly sucks to see the scale go up. When I think of all the things I said no to this week, I wonder how it is possible. I blamed the pants but with my 1.4lb up and a pant weight reduction for my jeans, (do the math) I still went up.
:-( I'm officially getting called fatty by my ww buds all week.
Hi Ho, it's off to the gym I go.


  1. Oh how I hate to see the scale go up. It's happened to me twice and trust me, both times I freaked out, but both times it went back down.
    I have to admit though, I had no idea that jeans weighed 2 lbs!
    Also, you were totally right about Jessica's Simpson's outfit!

  2. I for one...wish they would put curtains around the weigh in scales....I would strip down right there no problem!! But....until that day comes...I try and wear light clothes.

    I actually did take off my pants once on the scale...out of frustration! My leader held a towel up so no one could see my bum! :) Whatever it takes!!

    Don't will come off - just keep at it!